Why is an essay on Frida Kahlo so important to everyone’s cultural development?

It is difficult to imagine the modern cultural heritage without the work of the famous artist Frida Kahlo. Even those who are far from the art world have probably heard of her because her works created a real sensation, a kind of cultural revolution. But not only do her works deserve to be recognized worldwide but also her activist work – because she has made so much effort to change the system and ideology that existed. No wonder her figure is so meaningful and compelling to write my essay.

What do you need to know about Frida Kahlo?

We would not like to focus on the main facts of the biography of the famous artist. She lived a short – only 47 years – but bright life, full of personal dramas and experiences. She was born in the early twentieth century, in 1907, and died in the middle of it, in 1954. But Frida Kahlo’s life is noteworthy if only because it is a constant struggle. First, she had to fight for her life, then for her vocation, then for her love and her right to be happy. But in doing so, Frida Kahlo did not forget the rights and freedoms of others – her fight against the current government regime of Mexico in the first half of the last century is worth mentioning. But her fight for women’s rights is no less important – she showed with her own example how difficult it is to be a woman in a world where traditionally the main roles are given to men. That is why Frida Kahlo’s life story is the story of her personal struggle, which went beyond personal experiences and became a symbol of freedom.

Frida Kahlo’s work is a symbol of the struggle

Like any other artist, Frida Kahlo invested a lot of soulful experiences in her works, which not only became the basis for the subject matter of the works but also influenced the choice of forms and colors for them. In particular, in the works of the artist there are examples of personal struggle:

  1. With physical suffering. At a young age, Frida Kahlo suffered injuries that left her unable to walk for long. Her only amusement became a drawing, and it was then that the predominant art form she worked with all her life was determined: self-portraits. Her first works also identified distinctive stylistic traits – folk art and elements of folk art.
  2. Love experiences. With her husband Frida Kahlo, the famous artist Diego Rivera, as her contemporaries claimed, had a difficult relationship. This was due not only to the fact that both possessed a bright and strong character but also because of the strong political aspect of their public activities – they were both ardent supporters of the Communist Party. This, too, was reflected in the works of the artist – just look at her paintings “Self-Portrait with Shorn Hair” or “Two Frida”.
  3. Civic position. Frida Kahlo is known not only as an artist but also as a communist activist who promoted the ideas of communism not only in Mexico but throughout the world. Her civic position is reflected in some of her works – for example, “Communism Heals the Sick” or a self-portrait dedicated to Leo Trotsky. Frida Kahlo believed that communism would help eradicate vices and build a new society.

Frida Kahlo’s work cannot be treated indifferently – it does not simply strike the imagination with its subjects and colors, but finds an answer in the depths of the soul of each viewer.