Established in 1971, we are a non-profit service organization which provides support, advice and training to historical societies, museums, historians, archivists, and other heritage organizations in New York State.

Mission Statement: Museumwise provides resources, training and expertise to New York’s heritage organizations and museums, thereby strengthening their capacity to better serve their communities and meet their institutional missions.

It is our vision to be a model service organization, the accomplishments of which are reflected in the success of our constituents.

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The staff, board members and volunteers of Museumwise work in partnership with other organizations and entities to achieve our mission. These core values guide how we define our relationships with each other and our stakeholders.

  • Accessible: Constantly striving to be welcoming and inclusive to individuals, organizations, and communities who seek or require our services
  • Interdisciplinary: Providing services and programs applicable to a diverse audience of museums, heritage organizations and historic sites; nurturing varied perspectives amongst museums in New York
  • Innovative: Employing creative means to better serve our constituents and offering inventive solutions to challenges in the field
  • Collaborative: Forging fruitful partnerships with agencies, institutions, organizations and individuals who will help us meet our mission

Take a moment to explore the links above to find out everything that Museumwise has to offer.

Museumwise is a membership organization and the generous support and involvement of our members is vital.

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Museumwise & MANY Investigate a Joint Service Model

  • Announcement to our Membership 4/8/11 – Revisioning the Service Organization Model in NYS
  • Progress update 5/31/11
  • Progress update 6/29/11
  • Progress update 8/12/11
    • Museumwise-MANY Shared History Timeline
  • Museumwise-MANY Membership Survey Invitation
  • Progress update 10/19/11
  • Progress update 12/12/11 – Museumwise and MANY move forward with consolidation
    • Museumwise-MANY Member Survey Summary
  • Progress update 1/27/12
    • Museumwise-MANY Consolidation FAQ
  • 2012 Business Meeting presentation 4/23/12
  • Progress update 6/8/12
  • Progress update 8/23/12
  • Happy New Year! Museumwise is Museumwise: The Museum Association of New York