Succession Planning

Whether you are a board member, executive director, staff member, emerging leader or volunteer, if your organization faces leadership change the information listed here provides answers to the myriad questions that emerge during leadership transition.

This portal contains links to a variety of websites other than our own, many of which are not museum-related. While we are confident of the accuracy of MANY’s website, we can make no claim about the accuracy of materials found on other sites, nor are we responsible for their privacy practices. That said, we hope you will find this information useful, and that it leads you to new and imaginative ways of thinking about leadership.

In order to keep our information current we will update the information quarterly. New additions will be identified to help readers stay current.

We welcome your comments about these resources, as well as others you come across that you think would be useful for us to add. For those who do not have regular access to the Internet, contact MANY directly for a hard copy of some of the transition materials.

We also want to share samples of written succession plans and related materials your institution is using.

The articles are divided in four sections: