The Museum Association of New York has created and collected a variety of presentations to help museum and cultural institution professionals stay aprised of the best practices and latest innovations in our field. If you know of a presentation that should be included in this archive, please contact us.

Emergency Succession Planning

What if your museum’s CEO was suddenly unable to fulfill his or her leadership role? Would senior staff know how to carry on? Has succession planning been discussed at your institution?

Museum consultant Laura Roberts leads a webinar that will take your organization through the planning and development of an emergency succession plan. Designed for CEOs, Board Members and Senior Staff Members, this webinar will help to initiate a dialogue on preparing your museum for an unplanned disruption in leadership.

Building Leadership Throughout Your Organization

Leadership departures mustn’t always be abrupt; all CEO’s must retire or move onto their next opportunity at some point in their careers.

In this discussion, museum consultant Laura Roberts will focus on how to create a a plan for developing the leadership talent on your staff and board and will help you to custom design a plan for your institution. Designed for CEO’s, HR Managers, or Department Heads and Board chairs.

Presentation Advice