Housekeeping for Historic House Museums

Author (Name or Organization): 
Historic House Trust of New York City
Historic House Trust of New York City
Publisher Location: 
New York, NY
Year Published: 
2 006
Things get dirty. It is amazing how much dust and dirt can accumulate on furniture, flooring and objects in a short period of time. Think about how much grime can build up during just a one-week vacation. Our historic houses are no exception. Visitors to our museums touch the woodwork, walls and track in dirt on carpet and floors. One of the primary objectives in operating a historic property is to promote a historical experience to current audiences while at the same time saving it for future generations. It is a continuing struggle. We need to have our sites open to the public while at the same time care for the fragile collections contained inside. This manual is designed to assist those responsible for the care and maintenance of a historic house. It contains methods of cleaning all types of museum objects, what to do and what not to do and how to get started. The workshop is designed to make participants feel comfortable handling and cleaning the objects they are charged with preserving.
This project was supported through a Get Set! Grant from the Upstate History Alliance
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